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Through a vast level of experience in the industry, TrueSwift is able to offer industry leading solutions for PST file discovery and migration.

Personal storage files (.PST files) have been used for many years to store copies of email messages, calendar events and other items.

Although a convenient mechanism for end users to self archive content, from a business perspective, these files are considered by many to be a menace and corporate risk. With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there are now much stricter legal requirements for companies to secure and find all personal data wherever it is located. Combined with the trend of moving to cloud-based email platforms many clients are choosing to take control of their PST file issues.

Unfortunately, due to the often dispersed nature of PST files, taking control is not an easy job. Specialist skills and tools can be used to simplify the task of discovering PST files across the estate and taking control of them.

How Can We Help?

Delivering complex PST migration projects to clients since 2000, TrueSwift resources boast a strong pedigree in this space.

Whether auditing PSTs across distributed networks, identifying PST ownership or migrating PST content to a centralised repository, archive or cloud platform, let TrueSwift advise, guide and assist.

As independent specialists, TrueSwift will leverage our experience and assist our clients in providing the most appropriate solution for a given set of PST requirements.

Our Services

PST File Discovery

PST Files are often stored across the corporate estate on servers, workstations and laptops. Finding these and determining the PST owner can be a daunting task. TrueSwift helps clients simplify this task leading to greater awareness of the PST estate and a precursor to migrating the content to a centrally controlled, searchable environment.

PST File Migration

Having identified PST files within the estate, the migration of this data to an appropriate target is a logical next step. TrueSwift help clients securely migrate this data in an efficient, audited manner with minimal end-user disruption.

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