Data Lighthouse Service

Reduce Storage Costs - Simplify File Migrations - Increase GDPR compliance

Shine a Light on your Dark Data

TrueSwift's Data Lighthouse Service shines a light on your Dark Data, giving you insights into the data you didn't know you had.

By identifying and understanding data that is redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT), organisations can make critical business decisions on what they keep, archive, delete or migrate.

Locating personal identifiable information quickly and easily is critical to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory procedures, most notably GDPR.

  • Identify ROT (redundant, obsolete and trivial data) within your organisation 
  • Make critical business decisions on what to keep, archive, delete or migrate
  • Locate personal identifiable information (PII) quickly and easily
  • Increase compliance with corporate and regulatory procedures, most notably GDPR
  • Simplify file migration projects

Delivered as a service, our Data Lighthouse offering avoids lengthy product tie-ins.  Fast deployment puts the information you need about your data in your hands without delay.

Free Data Surgery

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Analysis reporting is one element of the service, where specific data types are found and analysed

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In a recent poll we asked 63 attendees; “what is their biggest business challenge when complying with GDPR?
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