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Is your organisation ready?

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
will come into effect. 

The GDPR compels organisations to recognise, protect and find any individual's personal data they collect, hold or process. Failure to comply can now result in significant financial penalties.

How Can We Help?

With such a wide ranging set of regulations, organisations are struggling to see the wood for the trees.

GDPR revolves around data and the way in which businesses manage and protect this key asset is now critical.

From our initial research into GDPR in early 2015, combined with a proven history of delivering data management solutions for over 25 years, TrueSwift is well positioned to offer advice, guidance, training and solutions in this space.

Our Services

Readiness Assessment
TrueSwift consultants will break down the 99 articles into manageable sections and provide a helicopter view of your environment, what tools and systems you already have in place and look at how prepared you are for each of these sections. From a workshop a readiness document is then created with a helpful coloured readiness sliding bar and suggested next steps
Understanding your data
There is no one magic tool available, so TrueSwift will help you identify which application or process is most suitable to enable the understanding of what data is located across the company
Securing your data
The GDPR requires that personal data is secured. TrueSwift will help identify how this can be achieved specifically for your environment
Data inventory and asset mapping
Article 30 of the GDPR requires documentation of personal data. This can only be achieved when the location and types of data is understood. TrueSwift will help with the visualisation of this data to allow an asset register to be completed
SARs ("right to be forgotten") & eDisclosure
With the GDPR we all have just 30 days to complete a 'Right to be forgotten' type request. With so many types of data stored in most organisations, the way to handle these requests is not simple. TrueSwift will work with the client to understand the risk level and suggest a suitable way forward
Training and Awareness
Often a blocker to GDPR compliance can be a lack of understanding of the implications. TrueSwift provides bespoke training to allow senior management and board level employees to understand the importance and implications of doing nothing. TrueSwift also delivers 1 day classroom training providing a larger legal overview of all the 99 articles.

Our Approach

Benefits of our GDPR services
  • Close alliance with ICO
  • Research started in early 2015
  • Independent advisor
  • Experienced in data management projects across all markets in both commercial and public sectors

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In a recent poll we asked 63 attendees; “what is their biggest business challenge when complying with GDPR?
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