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Parking your archive with a migration specialist is an effective alternative for managing legacy email data

Many organisations choose to delay their legacy archive migrations as they are a lot less straightforward compared to live email migrations.

The most widely cited reason is that it simply is not high enough priority or that the daunting and very costly first step of reviewing the archive, deduping etc, still must be undertaken. It can be a laborious process, particularly if you are working with older technologies and multiple formats and platforms, which in archiving is not uncommon.

Yet historical emails are critical to comply with current corporate retention policies. Quick and easy access to them by teams to fulfil time-sensitive Subject Access Requests (SARs) and meet other regulatory compliance requirements is a serious concern.

Lack of qualified staff is often mentioned so it is easy to see how a task like legacy archive migration gets prioritised down the to-do list when viewed against more exciting digital initiatives, particularly when the price of any data loss during the migration process could become significant in the event of litigation or eDiscovery in the future.

The dilemma with migrating what you have is that you first have to establish what you have to migrate, and in most organisations this is much harder than it sounds. Many decisions need to be made:

  • What do you do about legacy email stubs, email journals and shared archives?
  • What do you do about user email access during the migration period?
  • What do you do about the communications of former employees?

The Park Your Archive solution

While email archives often contain data for current, live users as well as ex-employees, some organisations migrate the live user data to Office 365 but have no plan for the inactive content.

Park Your Archive was originally developed for clients wanting to retain access to this legacy archived data for search and eDisclosure purposes but didn’t want to run, maintain and manage their own complex, on-premise archiving solution.

Security, integrity, and accessibility of data to meet compliance and records management requirements are all major challenges and their critical email data must be retained to ensure it is legally defensible with full chain-of-custody reports for eDiscovery.

TrueSwift provides and maintains the Park Your Archive solution, allowing its global clients to search and export their data without the costly maintenance of server infrastructure and employee resources.

Reducing your on-premises infrastructure footprint by parking your archive has numerous benefits.

  • Significant reduction in costs, both capital costs and the costs of maintenance and support. Expensive servers and software can be decommissioned, and no new software or servers are required.
  • Administrators can quickly and easily locate essential archived items.
  • All search and export activities are fully audited to preserve chain of custody. Their retention is critical for regulatory compliance procedures.
  • Business stakeholders can be reassured that critical and sensitive data is transferred securely to a third-party service.
  • Data is held in a future proof format.

Get expert advice with proven solutions

Our experienced team can help guide you as you move your compliance-sensitive records. We will talk you through the various options and caveats that are available to you.

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