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What benefits can clients expect to see with EV14?


In 2019, I wrote a blog asking the question whether Enterprise Vault (EV) had a future. Well, Veritas believes so as they have continued to develop the product and have released version 14

(no version 13 for the superstitious out there!) as of 16th November 2020. 

In my previous article, ( I described migration trends and why an organisation may require an archive, but also why EV still has a role to play. So, I won’t discuss these again today as this hasn’t changed.

What is EV14 and what potential benefits can clients expect to see? 

Key new features of EV 14
Cloud storage

EV14 has introduced more flexibility with the storage and implementation options. The archive data from previous versions has always had many options, but now the primary as well as the secondary storage can be hosted in the Cloud.

Supported options are: 

  • Amazon S3 Standard, S3 Intelligent-Tiering and S3 Standard IA
  • Azure Blob storage
  • Amazon Commercial Cloud Services (C2S)
  • Azure Government Cloud

 With these storage options, EV can now be deployed as:

  • Traditional On-Premise solution
  • Hybrid solution - EV on premise, but the storage in the cloud
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - hosting EV in your tenancy in the cloud and using Cloud storage
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - fully managed cloud archiving solution 

Archiving natively from over 80 sources
With previous versions of EV, 3rd party vendors such as Globanet provided EV connectors for the archiving of social media content. Following Veritas’ recent acquisition of Globanet, over 80 sources can now be natively archived, although a separate EV license will be required.

Some of the sources available for archiving natively with EV 

The eDiscovery and Compliance components of EV have been updated with the introduction of Advanced Supervision. This is a web-based interface that will eventually replace Compliance Accelerator but supports not only EV, but Veritas’ cloud-based archive platform, EV.Cloud. Using the Advanced Supervision application, you can optionally configure it to use the Veritas Information Classifier (VIC) to automatically classify the monitored emails into relevant or not relevant categories to speed up the reviewer process. 

Reasons to upgrade
Depending on your organisation’s requirements, the above enhancements may or may not be useful to you. However, with the release of a new version, older versions are coming out of support.

EV11 went out of support from 1st February 2019.
EV12 is going into Extended Support from 21st October 2021.

To use the extended support requires purchasing a special support package – ESS (Extended Software Support). The ESS will end and Sustaining Support will start 21st October 2023. Again, this will require the purchase of a separate support package – SSS (Sustaining Software Support).

Final end of life with no further patching or support for EV12 is still to be determined, but often, when working with Veritas support, one of the first checks they will do is suggest (or require) that you upgrade to a later version. 

We would therefore recommend that to continue using EV, your business should consider: 

  • EV Upgrades: Ensure EV is operating at its highest potential and remains in support by upgrading it to its most effective solution.
  • EV Health checks: tests and analysis of your EV environment will ensure it is running as it should and continuing to provide a benefit to your business.
  • EV Redesign: Whether it is a simple EV re-platforming or a complete redesign, this will ensure your company is safe, secure and operating efficiently. 

Enterprise Vault still provides obvious benefits.

With these new features, Veritas clearly believes that EV is here to stay. However, businesses must take the appropriate steps, as outlined above, to ensure their EV environment is operating to its most cost efficient and secure potential, ensuring they are ahead of the game.

Thomas Wuerz, senior director of product marketing at Veritas added one more observation that they are seeing with many of their customers. 
“Driven by the pandemic and continuous regulatory changes, the acceleration of new collaboration tools like Teams, Slack or industry specific tools forces them to consider adding new content sources into their archive. 
With a larger variety of content sources comes the complexity of fast indexing and the ability to simplify discovery of the right content. As a result, we have a wave of Enterprise Vault customers actively growing their archives on-premise and in the cloud with new content and the need for advanced discovery capabilities. Now, we need more than ever great partners like TrueSwift, who can help EV customers architect an even better archive in support of their compliance and data management challenges”. 

Written by : trueswift

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