eDiscovery Case Study


Customer/Sector Financial
Environment ~3,000 Users
Symantec Products/Solutions Discovery Accelerator & Compliance Accelerator
Services Delivered Design, Deployment & Training


A global financial organisation had a requirement to implement a legal discovery application to cover their 3 regions – Americas, EMEA, and Asiapac. They also required a compliance tool to be designed and implemented to monitor their Register Representatives in the Americas.

About the Engagement

The customer had installed Enterprise Vault but required the Compliance Accelerator, and Discovery Accelerator tools to be designed and implemented. As the users of CA and DA were not IT, but in the compliance / legal team, the discussions and design was based around their specific requirements.

Once the design was proposed it was implemented and tested in a lab environment so that the users around the world would be able to ‘play’ with the system and request any alterations to the design before it went live. The live installation occurred in London with the local users initially testing and using the DA application. CA was also configured, but the go live waited until the users had all been trained.

TrueSwift visited the US office to train all the employees on DA and CA and then worked with the employees for the first couple of days whilst they become familiar with the product and all the advanced functionality.

TrueSwift activities included:

  • Workshop to discuss and then design the CA and DA environment defining
    Roles and responsibilities
    Monitored employees
    Marks and Tags
    Departments structure
    Search schedules
  • Document the findings from the workshop
  • Build a lab with the agreed documented design from the workshop
  • Build the live environment following successful testing in the lab
  • Run classroom training sessions for UK users followed by American users
  • Knowledge transfer, and go live assistance


  • By working with TrueSwift, Symantec Technical Support requirements were reduced or removed due to the knowledge of the highly experienced Symantec partner consultants
  • The customer objectives were achieved without project creep
  • The customer understanding of a complicated product was increased to the point that they were able to run the daily activities comfortably

About TrueSwift

TrueSwift is a Symantec Consulting Services spin-off company and are accredited as holding Archiving & eDiscovery Delivery Partner Master Specialist status.  Prior to forming, our consultants were professional services specialists at Symantec dedicated to delivering Enterprise Vault related services.  Our resources include members of the original Engineering development team for the EV product as far back as 1997 and since that time we have been delivering vendor-quality professional services in the EV space.

TrueSwift have a long association with Symantec as a delivery partner having worked on behalf of Symantec  on many occasions.  Their delivery team have extensive experience with Enterprise Vault and work with a wide range of customers from SME to 100,000 user banking organisations providing design, implementation, upgrades, health checks and migration services.

TrueSwift have a great track record – and loyal customers who have worked with them over a number of years.


For more information contact TrueSwift via email, phone, visit our website, or send us a tweet:

TrueSwift Limited sales@TrueSwift.co.uk 0844 664 4802
Website www.trueswift.co.uk  
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