TrueSwift are proud to support 3 charitable organisations:

Zinzan Brooke and John Inverdale TrueSwift Dinner

SERV (Wessex)


Andrew is proud to volunteer with SERV. Initially in 2007 Andrew volunteered with the Herts and Beds branch, but following his move to Hampshire in 2014 now volunteers with SERV Wessex.

SERV stands for Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers and are often referred to as the Bloodrunners. SERV Wessex is the regional blood bike charity for Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. SERV Wessex volunteers transport, blood, platelets, samples, documents, donated human milk or other urgent medical essentials that their client hospitals may require.

SERV Wessex operate every weeknight and 24/7 over weekends and public holidays, providing a service completely free of charge to the NHS. This allows money that would otherwise be spent on couriers or taxis to be diverted to patient care. SERV Wessex undertake a regular service for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, replenishing the blood carried on the helicopter every 48 hours.

SERV Wessex use liveried vehicles purchased with public donations when possible but most of the runs are carried out by volunteers using their own vehicles and at their own expense. In 2014, SERV Wessex made over 1200 deliveries and covered over 90,000 miles, saving the local NHS a significant sum of money.

Community Sports

TrueSwift is proud to support junior rugby at Abbey RFC, a rugby club providing sports facilities, training and coaching to children of all ages.

With the help of TrueSwift, 50 players, parents and coaches undertook a successful tour to northern Spain playing teams from Bilboa and Santander.



Abbeytouraid is a charity intiative working to bring life-changing experiences to under-privileged children from across the world.

In partnership with Abbey RFC, the charity touraid, and Reading schools, the project will be bringing 40 young people to the UK in March 2014 and providing them with a variety of experiences that will alter their lives in a substantial way.

TrueSwift supports AbbeyTouraid financially as well as providing resource and strategic guidance to the project's organising committee.


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